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Anthony Capstick

Business, technology and broadband issues.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Sony Ericssson P900 V Nokia 6230

My Nokia 6230 came yesterday and I must say its good to have a Nokia back. The software is just so much more advanced and robust compared to the Sony Ericsson. Yes, the Sony P900 looks nice, but it just isn't a very good phone.

The best example is the over use of soft keys - where you have to look at the screen all the time to know which button to press. With the Nokia the keys remain pretty much the same, whereas the Sony keeps swapping keys over as it runs out of options. The best example is the button to operate the loud speaker, which I use a lot. The Sony changes from key to key - sometimes the 7, 8 or 9 button. With the Nokia its always the right softkey.

Anyone else got anything positive or negative to say about either the Sony Ericsson P900 or the Nokia 6230?


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