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Anthony Capstick

Business, technology and broadband issues.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Microsoft's new website for the UK is now available. My first impression was that it was a Google copy, as its got the same listings on an uncluttered page, with links at the top sponsored through Overture.

Its run through MSN in London, and the US version is also below - only time will tell if it can dislodge Google from its number one slot.

I spoke on BBC World Service last night, World Today programme, about the new MS offering. Microsoft say they have spent US$100M on the new service - phew!

US MSN Search
UK MSN Search


  • At 7:14 PM, Anonymous said…

    I took a look at the statistics yesterday and I think MSN said they were searching 5 billion pages whereas Google were only searching 4.5 billion. Google then upped this to 8 billion. It'll be interesting to see if MSN responds to this by making an increase as I think it's not the quantity of pages brought back to the user but the quality (ie relevance) of those pages which is what search technology should be based upon.



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