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Anthony Capstick

Business, technology and broadband issues.

Monday, November 22, 2004

After 2 months of using my Sony Ericsson P900 I have finally admitted defeat and ordered a Nokia 6230. Why? Well it just did not operate well as a telephone - the signal strength is nowhere near good enough. Where I live, and at my office, the Orange signal strength is very low, so the phone has to be able to operate on a weak signal. The P900 from day one had only one bar at the office in Whalley.

The last straw, which broke this camel's back, was on Wednesday when I had a customer call me when I was at the office. The phone had dropped the signal and my punter had to leave a message. By the time I had received the voicemail, an hour later, they had gone elsewhere - so this little episode actually cost me money.

So its a Nokia 6230 for me I'm afraid Sony. The other gripe I had about the P900 was the quality of the software that synchronises Outlook with the phone - it screwed up all my contacts creating duplicates of about 500 of them. Cheers Sony - that took about 2 hours to sort out!

I find the Nokia software extremely well put together, and although the P900 is a good looking phone, I need to rely on its functions for business - and I need function over style!


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