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Anthony Capstick

Business, technology and broadband issues.

Thursday, May 08, 2003

BT have approached me to be a judge in the Broadband Britain Challenge. A great honour, and I just hope I can do the entries justice during the judging process.

My own experience with competitions has been rather mixed I have to admit, hence my concern about the entries. My company Instant Search Ltd entered the Flying Start Awards, run by Granada TV. The whole process for television I found to be extremely time consuming. I also felt that the image of my company was massaged to some extent, and that it was more about making entertaining TV than about judging the best business. I reckon the Broadband Britain Challenge will be completely different to this as the whole process seems focused on selecting interesting ideas for broadband. Three cheers for that!

To enter go to Broadband Britain Challenge

Good luck, and see you in the final!