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Anthony Capstick

Business, technology and broadband issues.

Thursday, March 28, 2002

If you can't get broadband in your area you might want to consider satellite. There are high upfront costs, but over the long term you should have the technical ability to run a virtual private network (VPN as they say!).
If you're worried that BT is just about to enable your local exchange for ADSL broadband, then try writing to your local MP first. They in turn should write to BT's Chairman asking when the local exchange is likely to be upgraded - if its imminent then hold off....

Sunday, March 17, 2002

I smashed the screen on my Psion a few weeks ago, so I decided to look around at alternatives.

After much deliberation I decided on the lastest iPAQ pocket PC running Windows. After 10 days I am astounded at what it will do, and am convinced that this is to be the next big thing in electronics.

What makes it so good is its all-round PC capabilities. It literally does everything a desktop PC will do, including browsing the internet, and sending and receiving email, using a mobile phone connection.

It has Word & Excel programmes preloaded, and also Outlook, which will synchronise with Outlook on my office network. Not only does it download all my email from the PC at the office, I can reply to an email stored on the PocketPC, which gets sent the minute I connect back my office PC.

It is absolutely brilliant, and I havenít been impressed with a new piece of kit so much in ages. The last time I think was when I first bought a CD writer. I mean the Pocket PC is also a Dictaphone, an MP3 player and can connect to a mobile phone which is in your pocket via Blue Tooth!

What about the keyboard, I hear you say. Well, you can buy a fold away one that it slots into!
I had a visit last week from a chap representing a broadband satellite company. Does anyone have any experience with this type of service? In theory it sounds very good - 64k uplink and 256k downlink - so full duplex. Speeds of up to 2mb both ways are possible, so that is some bandwidth!

The whole thing is delivered via a static IP address, so a firewall system is supplied for security. It's possible to turn the system into a Virtual Private Network (VPN), so I intend to investigate further....

As always I welcome any comments.

Thursday, March 07, 2002

Feelings seem to be running high over the broadband internet access issue. The following message I received is typical:

I like it - enough to make my blood boil!!! My husband is currently
writing to everyone he can about the broadband situation - the answer
is yes, we will have a two-speed Britain - with Scotland left far
behind as BT won't invest up here; the local loop situation is a disgrace, and Wendy
Alexander keeps harping on about Scotland being in the forefront of
this technological revolution - not a chance unless BT is FORCED to do
something. We can see our local exchange from the kitchen window -
about 20 metres away - and BT have no plans at all to instal broadband. It's INFURIATING!!!!!
Anyway, apart from that, I do like your site. Will visit it regularly.
Keep in touch.

Anne Brown